Expert guidance, the Mesmerize way.

Late-stage startups need help elevating their brand and standing out from the competition. The experienced team at Mesmerize can provide guidance every step of the way. We’ll help you tell your brand’s story in a compelling, relevant way that gets the media engaged and talking about what you do and how you do it.

Menu of Services


Messaging refinement

Does your brand accurately convey who you are and what you do? Can you explain your company in 140 characters without meaningless jargon or trendy buzzwords? Mesmerize can help you refine your brand messaging with a customized messaging session and brand guide document.  Learn how to tell a simple, yet compelling story about what makes your company unique.

Public relations strategy

Our experienced team maps your customized public relations campaign to specific business goals. Whether you need to find new customer leads, attract investors, or build your corporate image for recruitment, our team has a PR plan to help you get there.

Media training

To get the most out of your PR program, your spokesperson has to nail “The Interview,” every time. Before your company’s expert gets on the phone or in front of a camera, it’s important to be prepared. We’ll train your spokesperson to give impactful, informative interviews that keep the media coming back for more. 

Thought leadership content

Your experts have to say something memorable and valuable to your target audience to get them to take an action. Mesmerize can help develop content themes for your subject matter expert. Strategically-placed content raises your expert’s profile and establishes your company’s corporate culture.

Crisis communications and reputation management

Everyone makes mistakes. In this age of social media and lightning-fast news cycles, brands must stay on top of their reputations, and if they do make a mistake, they must move quickly to make things right. Mesmerize will police the media for any changes in brand perception and help you get back on track quickly.

Focus groups and research

Make informed decisions. What do your customers really think about your image, products, and services? What is the media perception about you or your industry? Mesmerize Consulting’s targeted focus groups and media audits can give you a more accurate picture of where you are, so you know where you need to be. We also write questions for client surveys and help develop reports based on survey data.